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Oceanis is a RP ocean-/aqua-themed nightclub for people to enjoy some awesome music, relax and have fun partying with similar minded people. Its equipped with extremely versatile bartenders, gorgeous dancer to keep you company, a photographer to perpetuate your best moments and a Blackjack table, which is hosted by Phoenix Nights, to test your luck for the night.

Music for the night is provided by Ryn_Kyota, Asteria Minai, Fabo, Puchi & ANCore ♪♪♪


07:00pm ST - 08:30pm ST


  08:30pm ST - 10:00pm ST


  10:00pm ST - 11:30pm ST  


11:30pm ST - 01:00am ST


  01:00am ST - 02:30am ST



Phoenix Nights

Want to test your luck for the night? Join our blackjack tables hosted by our partners from Phoenix Nights


- Kleine Pepe (BJ 50k - 2m)

- Lyrah Lay (BJ 50k - 1m)

Oceanis Club-Discord and Website:





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