V-Fest 2022: Day 1

This is the first ever 3 day European exclusive festival headed by Vanguard, VTVR & Vaultage (Get why we chose the name?

Join the discord here  https://discord.io/VFest 

Day 1 will be handled by Vaultage, day 2 by VTVR and day 3 by Vanguard.

All days will be held in Dr Nope’s brand new world which they have kindly let us use for the entirety of this event.

To join you MUST add the VRCDN bot and request to join when the event is live.

Bot can be added here:  https://vrchat.com/home/user/usr_b2c236d0-7773-43cf-8a7a-9f5e223cc24e 

Please adhere to each clubs rules for this event. Discords here;




Big thank you to the associate clubs who are helping us out with a few things also!






Twitter:  https://twitter.com/vfestvrc?s=21&t=huBnwsJJIMlSXL3H8A2-pA 

Individual lineups for each day will be posted next week. See you all then!


This event is not organized by the VRCEC, this is posted for promotional purpose only.




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