Nightclub Oceanis

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Oceanis is a RP ocean-/aqua-themed nightclub for people to enjoy some awesome music, relax and have fun partying with similar minded people. Its equipped with extremely versatile bartenders, gorgeous dancer to keep you company, a photographer to perpetuate your best moments and Gambling tables, which are hosted by Phoenix Nights, to test your luck for the night.

Music for the night is provided by Sea Walker, Fabo & Swage ♪♪♪


07:00pm ST - 09:00pm ST   

09:00pm ST - 11:00pm ST   

11:00pm ST - 01:00am ST (open end)     



  Phoenix Nights

Want to test your luck for the night? Join our gambling tables hosted by our partners from Phoenix Nights


- Mianne Fay (Phoenix Heroes)

- Kitty Cloudz (Blackjack | min. bet 10.000 | max. bet 1.000.000)

Oceanis Club-Discord and Website: 



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